Storage is our favorite & strongest service,
As an expat life experience in UAE; sometimes we go through change-overs & it doesn’t go always according to our plans, leaving cargo or personal effects somewhat in limbo without a home or safe place to be housed. We therefore offer highly specialized storage facility for all types of goods and products and personal/business effects that includes:

• Storage on daily/monthly/annual basis
• Self-Storage – Highly recommended for small sized to medium sized companies with different storage units secured with shutters, CCTV camera, Security 24/7 for warehouse compound & internal security, Theft Alarm, Fire Alarm linked to Civil defense,…,etc.
• Open Land
• Covered area.
• Open space in a warehouse
• Open space in an Air Conditioned warehouse
• Temperature controlled warehouse.
• Room temperature warehouse temp 22-27°C.
• Food stuff warehouse temp 4-5° C.
• Chilled warehouse for frozen food temperature up to 18° C

Storage methods: The method of storage that is suitable for a client falls under; warehouse type, location and availability. Some are mentioned below:

a) Open Space:- When you book an space in our warehouse you would be able to stock your stuff up to 03meter height unless it depends on other factors like box topping limit (example: some items stocking limits is 04 boxes on top of each other)

b) Pallet: We do use standard pallets (W: 120cm × L: 120cm × H: 180cm), this is for non-vegetable/Fruits items, there is additional charges for handling in/out.

c) Operating timings: Some of our warehouses are 24/7 accessibility like self storage but others are 10 hours due to handling requirements to serve all types of distributing and supply chain service requirements and needs.

Inventory Management: along side to storage we do provide inventory service with additional fee, where it can be provided for the following:-

a) Clients who store with us

b) Clients who have their own warehouses and need our services for management

c) Clients who have warehouse and need us to manage their inventory, handling in and handling out under 4PL & 5PL

d) Inventory Audit on monthly, quarterly and annually

Fulfillment, Distribution & Deliveries: We provide this services only to storage client and inventory management clients, where we distribute and deliver their stocks to their distributors on scheduled deliveries.