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Order Fulfillment in UAE or GCC countries are slightly different & more complicated than US & Europe or any other countries. And the challenges of UAE order fulfillment range from fairly simple to extremely complex. But our flexible space and strategic location give clients full control over inbound, inventory levels, intake speed, and outbound product movement. The ability to easily adjust stock levels up or down helps to keep the costs of capital invested in inventory down. Order fulfillment also requires the right technology. With a dedicated team of in-house IT experts to answer questions and programs tailored to their needs, our clients never wait for key reports or wonder when a critical issue will be resolved.


A comprehensive set of services

We are new to market but with team we have gathering so far who has experience in total over 18 years in mail/Post logistics industry who do realize the importance of delivery & that make us a true fulfillment partner, and we’ll have to provide all of the services and experience expected from our industry, while also offering the creativity to solve unique supply chain challenges. Seamlessly blending those key qualities into our service offering is what makes GHS Logistics is a strategic partner in UAE, not just a service provider.

Our Order Fulfillment services include, and go well beyond, the following:


What makes GHS Logistics special other than a similar service provider?

1. Location
Our fulfillment warehouse is strategically located in Northern Emirates Ras Al Khaimah with another smaller warehouse in Dubai for fast moving items, allowing you to effectively reach us.

2. Technology
We are working to develop a web-based technology which integrate our fulfilment system with your shopping cart, making order processing fast and easy, and allowing you to track packages and inventory in real-time from anywhere in the world.

3. Service
With over a 7 of servicing international companies, we understand the needs of businesses like yours. Our processes are simple and transparent. You have a dedicated customer service team at GHS.

4. Cash on Delivery
Some customers prefer to pay at delivery and yes we do collect cash at delivery and send in to your account on agreed date you prefer or schedule not less than 7days between each transfer.

5. International Express Delivery

as we are an expert in UAE market we know that your business will reach all GCC countries or any different country & we had that ready service for you to your client door.

GHS Logistics e-Fulfillment Service Test:

As you look to grow your UAE customer base, we are confident that we can help you make your business more efficient and profitable. And to prove it, eFulfillment Service offers our 30-Day Test Drive Program. Here’s how it works:
•   With no setup fees for testing our services.
•   Only refundable Deposit.
•   You start by sending some inventory to our GHS Logistics fulfillment warehouse (we can assist you with freight and customs)
•   We integrate our fulfillment system with your inventory.
•   We provide you a reports to monitor orders, track packages, and work through our friendly team.
•   If at the end of 30 days, you’re not convinced that we’re the right fit for your business, we will refund all costs and fees you’ve incurred, up to AED 900.00


GHS Pay as you go:

You pay only for the fulfillment services you actually utilize, and you pay for them as you go, with no long-term contracts. We know that running an eCommerce business isn’t easy. It requires time, money, a little creativity, and a whole lot of passion and for sure as a growing business, you also need flexibility. And at GHS, our fulfillment services conform to your needs, transforming fixed costs, such as warehouse rent, into variable costs that can easily scale with your business.
Our friendly terms make things even easier. At GHS, we don’t have minimum order requirements. You pay only for the fulfillment services you actually utilize, and you pay for them as you go, with no long-term contracts.for more details about fulfillment; please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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