Cheap Storages & its Problems

A startup companies & entrepreneurs falls in the most common mistake in their operational part to go super economical & use cheap resources…and with cheap priced service comes low quality service & hassle along with its side effects, it is like when you buy a medicine for your sickness without consulting a doctor throwing away what medicines side effects might cause damages to your health more than recovering it and here you feel the mistake – where the money you saved from doctor bills will be paid in doubles in hospital & more time to rest & unpaid working days. It is the same here in storage & distribution when we use cheap resources, you should expect a lower quality of service which comes lots of hassle you want to void at startup. Also it could reach to damage the reputation & referrals you are trying to build up to create more leads & customers.


This is where GHS Logistics turns come to classify for you the unique & outstanding service providers in storage service & provide it to you at same rate of same provider with no extra charges, but with extra mile added value services that you might need, like “pick & pack, delivery to your customer, delivery notes ,…..,etc. and all services you might expect from fulfillment service.

Then you might ask your self then how GHS Logistics Consultancy makes money if it is same rate of service provider?

Here is the answer, GHS has Quality system to qualify vendors/service providers to be business partners on referral basis & commissions, and they sign contracts & NDA’s to improve the service provided to their clients so you/your client get the same fear rate & in return we get the commission.

And here is below is most common problems experienced by storage clients are:

  • Insufficient storage space.
  • Improper security.
  • The condition of goods worsens due to bad handling specially at loading, offloading & stuffing.


Insufficient storage space:

recently the most common problem is this: businesses have grown so massive that there is not enough storage and it is not worth to invest in his/her own warehouse. The following graph depicts the situation:

Storage needs increment chart

The green line shows that available storage while the blue line shows the amount of storage required by businesses. As you can see, soon after 2006, business needs grew so massive that most storage services failed to comply. On further research, you will get to know that the downfall around 2010 is due to businesses suffering loss because of the same reason.

Other than insufficient storage, the other problem is the improper handling of stored goods. The following pie chart depicts the worrying situation:

Storage Client Satisfaction chart

Although, most of the time service providers ensure perfect storage, about 25 % of the time, the goods are destroyed completely giving huge loss to the business.

Yet another problem is the security of goods. Although, security services varies from place to place and company to company, it is , one of the major concerns of clients.


Why I had to go to 3rd party if I can go direct?

Since GHS management are in Logistics field since 2001 which is 15years of experience of different situation in different type of business from Agriculture to Aviation along of tracking of faults might happens & creating preventive solutions, makes GHS has outstanding experience of handling goods & we empower it with Six Sigma study cases; give us an advantage of we do here in Dubai & Ras Al Khaimah.


Here is a feedback from one of our clients (the client didn’t agree to mention his Full name neither his company) says:

“I really appreciate what you’ve done, it is outstanding service. I usually get busy with phone calls from so many different people to have it done and I can’t focus on anything else, but you guys it was just run it so amazing & professional…and my day was saved…..Thank you from my deep heart ….Sincerely Issa XXXX ” 

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