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It is surprising yet true. Our two companies as Logistics (Non-Freezone) & logistics consultancy (Free Zone)companies are well known for logistics & storage management as Order management for business to Consumer (B2C), business to business, 3PL, 4PL as well as 5PL, throughout our long experience team who had helped so many clients through our managed stores & perforem as fulfillment centre. This could be good news for new startup businesses & works as an employee at the same time or manage his business from a broad of UAE, hence now we have our own fulfillment centre directly managed by us where its processes has a lot of tasks & assignments to fit your needs. and hence as we are logistic & logistics management it is our bread & butter to manage & control other people goods/products assuring deliveries are done as per your business terms & schedules here in Dubai, where this job includes picking from shelves, re-packaging if required, fulfilling your product/gift/task directly to customers, distributors or end-users.


What is Fulfillment? & how it works in our company?

in short words, fulfillment is a service provided by a 3rd party between seller & customer where 3rd party manages some or all of the following services: storage, delivery, Delivery notes, payment collection & inventory. it seems simple when we say it but it is really hard to perform due to complex of processes which leads to not deliver on time & that will draw unhappy face on your customer which is really that would be the last thing you want to see or experience. but our expert team who usually do this on daily basis & had solved so many complicated assignments with very high percentage of success & happy customers, that make us one of the best fulfillment centers you need to work with in Dubai.

Combining Order Management, Six Sigma process improvementsalong with quality management had give us the advantage on too many small/medium size storage companies in Dubai, aside that we are dealing with so many different product & services along with their different operational procedures & terms, we tailor a standard operational procedure (SOP) to let the work follow between our customer or his employees with our team as colleagues sitting in the same office exchanging emails.


As part of our logistics team are consultants we know exactly how to do things in the right way with the right people at the right time at very fair rates. for more details about fulfillment; please don’t hesitate to contactus or directly to our fulfilment centre in UAE Reach us.

Telephone: +971 7 2330 600
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Warehouse B-52,
Al HamraIndustiral Area,
P.O.Box #85712 – RAK,
Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.

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