Business Process Improvement:

Why we need Business process Improvement?

There is a common mistake companies do usually here in UAE, when it comes to face a non-usual customer case scenario (for i.e.: you tried to explain to a service adviser what happen for X product & you tell him the story, you’ll be surprised  when he says “we can’t do/fix it” or “we don’t have what you are looking for” even you know or sure that they can do/have it) , you’ll get frustrated & you’ll be unhappy customer in the end. however the story goes farther, i’m sure you felt in this example that really it happened in your real life and rare people had fixes these problem.

That could happened due to many reasons & factors like mis-communications or mis-understanding your needs or you didn’t there business common language to get your point. some medium & small companies tries to solve such issues by focusing on strategic solution to transform unhappy customer to a happy customer for his case only – if they didn’t loose the client*. this type of solution can solve a specific issue or similar cases. after wasting many staff time rather than focusing on their daily work. and here the Company management must implement Business process improvement to put preventive action plan to close all gaps might found or generate business difficulties or lead to unhappy customers through training & scheduled meetings with staff.

GHS Logistics Consultancy FZE had went through different type of Experiences after developing so many companies business process & we met one CEO who consider the “Client is our Boss” that quote was one of the best one in my opinion where in fact “client is our Big Boss” because we work for him & he pay our salary once we close his deal, sending us referrals, giving us feedback to improve….etc. & that is a good reason to let us do his work in a very professional manner including follow up, tracking the work progress, assist him to secure the timings in a very well organized & managed in timely manner,…etc. and this is what we call it in-direct marketing where you are using your client as marketing materials to send you referrals with superior customer service.

The process improvement we implement is based on Lean Six Sigma & its tools to insure the harmony of the process.

That harmony of business process we build for companies had made the work more fun, easy & trust worthy to client, even for staff, they became more confident when they speak to client over the phone or even face to face, we can guarantee a time & cost saving reach up to 15% – 40% within period of 1-2 years of implementation depends on company business type (Manufacturer/Service Provider/Retailer), market & some other side factors.

pleaseconsult one of our customer service & we’ll help you from there or you can submit your inquiry on our website & we one of our customer service will reach you back.


* These type of clients who usually move fast between two boarder of win & loose the deal.


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