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In most of businesses other than services, one of the biggest problems you might be facing is the transportation of goods from one location to another, especially when you ship your goods overseas no matter its by air or sea.


Below is a chart showing the number of successful shipping along with failed shipping overseas. The is based on a private project survey conducted during the 2011:

Unsatisfied Customer

The data above should make us warried; less than 50% were completely successful while approx 20% failed completely in the first attempt. It also shows 35% are not delivered intact & approx. 25% of the cases the client is not fully satisfied of the freight forwarder service.


The above data is regarding overseas shipping. Local shipping is comparatively easy, still care is needed.


Why Overseas Shipping Fails Sometimes?


Some of the reasons why many logistics companies fail to deliver 100 % satisfactory results to their clients regarding overseas shipping are:


  • Many logistics companies don’t have sufficient resources to deliver goods overseas and still agree to do so.
  • Pre-planning is necessary for overseas shipping as rules and regulations might be different there.
  • Borders are zones of tension. So many process might cause offloading & reloading due to customs standards & procedures. For example: Saudi Boarders
  • Businesses are so massive that many logistics companies’ storage is not enough to cover all their needs.


How GHS Logistics Solves All These Problems


Massive and overseas freight forwarding services for massive business needs professionals in the field like GHS Logistics. The services are specifically designed to make the shipping process as efficient as it could be while keeping the rates and worries for the clients low. Pre-Analysis and before hand planning are never ignored by us.


We have covered all three modes of transportation: Air, Land and Sea. Our main services provided to each of these are given below:


  • Air Freight: Air Cargo is the fastest means of transportation. Whether you want to transport perishable food items which must be delivered fresh or should catch up a deadline for regular goods, that makes a faster track for your business.
  • Sea Freight: In the sea, we have got you covered. It is cheaper than other means but equally safe and almost as efficient, but it takes more days to arrive.
  • Land Freight: Many times due to expected bad weather or geographical location; land freight is either faster or easier & safer* (*some clients believe it is more safer than air or sea freight). However you don’t need to stop your business till the weather gets well Consult us & we’ll tell which is better for your shipment.


GHS Logistics will be glad to assist you in your inquiries in small, normal, R/R & oversize shipments, please feel free to contact us once the needs riases.

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