About Our Company


GHS Logistics Consultancy FZE is a best business partner in UAE , empowered by the team efficiency to meet the supply chain needs of our producers, manufacturers, retailers.

Our staff merged with advanced technology give us the power to provide high quality responsive service, shipping and tracking management, accurate fulfilment and assist us in planning for all of our warehousing and shipping requirements.

GHS Logistics Consultancy FZE uses a state of the art inventory management system with advance barcodes technology.
Where every single item or box stored in our facilities is affixed with a unique code and monitored info through our tracking system. Not only does it ensure the utmost accuracy and efficiency in pick-and-pack operations, it is also will provide our clients real time product activity upon request.

What make us special


Our clients had made us special & they let us promote through our services on daily basis till what we had reached now at this current stage aside to their healthy feedback's & comments which streamline our process, supported & qualified us to be one of their preferred logistic company to deal with, also our trained professional team had empowered our clients relationship by follow up, Tracking goods till delivery point.